Spades Plus Features

Spades Plus is different than other online Spades games because it has many extra and unique features.

Game Modes:

Spades Plus has 5 different game modes.

  • 1- Classic Partnership Spades
  • 2- Solo Spades
  • 3- Whiz
  • 4- Suicide
  • 5- Mirror

Each of them has different rules and they improve the game experience and excitement.

Game Friends:

You can always add the other players as your game friends. Being game friend doesn’t make you friend on Facebook or other platforms. It is a safe way to become friends.

Private and Table Chat:

You can send private messages to other players whether they are your friends or not.

You can also use table chat platform to talk with the players in your table.

Free Coins:

To play Spades Plus, you need coins and there are ways to get Free Coins.

Every day we give you Daily Bonus coins. The amount of your Daily Bonus depends on your amount of friends, your level, and the number of consecutive days that you came into the game.

Each day, players are able to send 250 free coins to each of their friends. For example, if you get free coins from 100 players, you will get 2500 coins at that moment.

You should wait for the Time Bonus Chest. While you are playing at a table, your Time Bonus Chest is counting down. When the timer is 0, you can click and get your free coins. By each click, you will get more coins than the previous one.

Follow our Fan Page. We give huge amount of free coins from our fan page in unexpected times. You can click on and follow our Fan Page now.

Create Table:

You can create your own table by setting Bet Amount, Game Ending Points, Private/Public table option and the Game Mod.

This way, you can gather your friends and play your own game.


During the game play, players or spectators can send gifts to each other for fun. There are plenty of gifts in different categories and the number of gifts is increasing continuously.