How to Play?

Spades is a famous trick-taking card game which is played by 4 players.

The goal of the game is to take at least the number of tricks (books) that were bid at the beginning of the round.

Reaching to the specified “Game Ending Point” will end the game. Team (or player) with the highest score will win.


To open the application, click to “Play Now” button and login with your Facebook or Google Plus account.

Choose one of the rooms which are listed in the lobby. Each room has its own Minimum Entrance requirement and Bet Amount. To join a room, you can double click to the room.

In some of the rooms (VIP, Solo, Suicide, Whiz and Mirror), you can select specific tables. You can even create your own tables by clicking to “Create Table”.

Once you sit down to a table, game will start when the all four players are ready.

Cards will be dealt and all players will start to make their bids.

After bids are selected, game will continue according to the Game Rules until a team/player reach to the Game Ending Point.


Rewards of the winners may change depending on the ranking and the game mode.

1- Classic Rooms, VIP, Suicide, Whiz and Mirror:

Each player bet X amount of coins. Each player in winning team will get 2X reward.

If both teams have same points and bags, it will be draw and each player will get their X amount of coins back.

2- Solo:

Each player bet X amount of coins. Winner will get 3X coins and second player will get X amount of coins.

If there is more than one winner, they will share the 4X coins equally.

Adding Friends:

Players can add other players as their friends. Being a game friend will not make you Facebook or Google Play friend. It is a safe way to play together or send free coins to each other.

To send a friend request, you should click to the profile picture (or profile button) of the user. You will see “Add Friend” button in the profile. Once you click, the other player will get your request.

Message Box:

At the top bar, you will see a letter sign which is your Message Box.

All notifications you get and all the private messages from other users will be in your Message Box.